We use digital and analog gears to serve your music.
We will adapt the signal path along your needs, no matter you are looking for tubes warmth or low noise signal. The Otari 24 tracks tape recorder and the DAW are just waiting
for you to lay down your creativity…

At Low man’s land it is possible to record “live” and isolate musicians or amps one to another. In addition to the 2 rooms we use isolation mobile panels and an isolated amps box.
The studio is an old atelier in a backyard surrounded by a garden, all the rooms are illuminated by natural light. The space consists of a control room (30m2), a large recording room (65m2) and a booth (5m2).
The building is located in 1020 Brussels near metro station(more info).
See full equipment listing here under.




2xNeumann U87, 4xKM 84i
2xAKG C414, D190e
2xAudio Technica AT2020
3xBeyer M88N, M101N, 3xM160N
Sennheiser MD 441, MD421, MD21U, 2xe604, e825S,e840
2xOktava MK-319
DPA 4060
2xNoHype LRM2B
2xshure Beta 52, Beta 91, Beta 98, 3xSM57, 3xSM58
2xT-Bone RB500

Mix board

AMEK BIG 32 analog in-line +
Supertrue automation & Virtual Dynamics
(designed by Neve)


Thermionic Culture Vulture Valve Distortion
Neve Portico Duocomp 5043
2x Avalon VT 737
Universal Audio LA-610 MkII
Urei LA-10
Empiracal Labs ‘Distressor’
SPL transient
DBX 166XL,463x,120  
2xD&R compressor/limiter 
Orban 245E
Orban 516EC               
Lexicon PCM70
SPL vitalizer
Universal Audio Power-plugs PCI Card
BBE maximizer
Aphex C2
Space echo RE201,
Echolette 400
Dynacord VRS 23
Roland SRV2000
Pioneer Spring reverb
TC Electronics M-One
DIY Spring reverb


Dynaudio BM6a
Dynaudio 9S (Sub)
Yamaha HS80


DAW: Reaper, Nuendo 4
24 tracks OTARI MX80 2″ tape recorder
2 tracks TEAC A6300 1/4″ tape recorder
4 tracks TASCAM 644 K7 recorder


Alliance mix and master Bundle
UAD Custom Bundle


*please let us know what you plan to use before the session starts

Keys/drum machines:
Piano 1/4 queue KAWAI
Korg Polysix
Korg DW6000
Yamaha DX7
Rhodes MK1
Eurorack modular system
Moog minitaur
Diamond 902V
Arturia Minibrute
Roland SPV355
Elektron Machinedrum MK2
Critter & Guitari Organelle
Korg Electribe ER1

Drum kits:
Premier Royal (70’s) 22″/12″/16″
Mapex Fusion 20″/10″/12″/14″

Premier Royal steel 14″x05″
Kirchhoff plexi 14″x6,5″
Mapex wood 14″x05″

HH, Istanbul Crash, Zildjian Avedis
Ride Sabian

Fender Twin
HH Electronic super 60
Dean Markley RM40sr

Fender Telecaster
Ibanez Roadstar 2 GT
Seagull C6

Moog Moogerfooger, Dr Scientist Atmosphere, Zvex box of rock, Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp, Tech21 VT Bass, TC Ditto 4, Electro-Harmonix Freeze/cathedral/Big Muff/Chorus, Line 6 DL4, Ibanez analog multi-fx UE303b, jim dunlop wah-wah, Boss OS2/DD3/AW2